With skills in gymnastics, motorcycling, dancing, roping and sailing, it was a natural progression for Zoë to get involved in stunts. Zoë achieved her MEAA stunt grading in 2010 and has worked on many Australian TV shows and movies including Tomorrow when the War Began, ANZAC Girls, House Husbands, Neighbours, and Upper Middle Bogan. If you’ve seen a tiny brunette doing something dangerous on TV, there’s a good chance it was Zoë.

After her recent return from a six month trip to the USA which included both an intensive acting course with Margie Haber Studios in West Hollywood and a solo motorcycle journey through 31 states, Zoë has thrown herself back into her work with customary enthusiasm.  Recently she jumped off cliffs, drowned in lakes and was punched in the face everywhere from Kalgoorlie to Fiji in productions including Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island, Lambs of God, Whistleblower, Miss Fisher’s Crypt of Tears, Tim Minchin’s Upright and many other things she’s not really meant to talk about yet.